Need to ship a car?

Here’s a 3-step detailed guide on the Primeway transportation process.

Your car is precious. We value that. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a car, we’ll ensure you’ll start your new exciting adventure in no time. Book your order online with Primeway, and we’ll do the rest.

Step 1: Schedule a shipment vehicle

Get a quote online or call (224)-335-7735 to book a shipment with our transportation specialists. We’ll get you up to speed by providing a pickup and delivery forecast. If the quote and forecast match your expectations, book your shipment. Specify your car pickup and car delivery zip codes, your vehicle’s type and size, and choose between open or enclosed transportation. If you book your shipment over the phone, our advisers will get all the details during the call. Alternatively, if you book online, our advisors will reach out on the same or the next business day to confirm the booking and transportation details.



Step 2: We pick up your car

After booking, our experienced Primeway vehicle transporters will pick up your car at an agreed-upon date location. As soon as we have a driver dispatched by Primeway, we will also be ready to provide a precise delivery date. We will contact you 24 hours before our driver’s arrival to ensure you have enough time to prepare your car by cleaning it, removing all personal items, and ensuring it has at least a quarter gas tank. Upon arrival, the Primeway dispatched driver will inspect your vehicle, and so the journey begins.

Step 3: We deliver your car to your door

Our absolute priority is to quickly and safely ship the car to its destination, ensuring constant communication to guarantee a stress-free shipment process. The driver will contact you 2 hours before arriving at the pickup and delivery locations, while our transportation advisors will be just a phone call away to deliver the most up-to-date information about the shipment status. Upon arrival, you and the Primeway driver will conduct a final vehicle inspection, you will sign a Bill of Landing, and the shipment journey ended. It’s that easy!



Last but not least: You can sit back and relax while we handle the rest of it for you

Our team will get to work once we have confirmed all transportation details! You can count on us to ship your vehicle safely and promptly while keeping you updated throughout the entire process.

We will notify you as soon as a driver has been assigned to pick up your vehicle. Also at that time, we’ll let you know when delivery will take place. You’ll have ample time to prepare for pickup and delivery! We’ll also contact you 24 hours before pick-up and delivery. The driver will contact you when he’s 1-2 hours out on pick-up and delivery. You will never be in the dark throughout the process, and we’ll always be just a phone call or text away if you need us.


Primeway provides open and enclosed auto transport. Do you wonder what the difference between open and enclosed transportation is? Which option is best for your car? We will answer these questions.

  • Open car shipping is when your vehicle is transported on a trailer without walls, ceiling, or solid floor. The car is shipped “in the open” and is fully exposed to elements like weather and road debris. An open trailer can accommodate up to 10 vehicles depending on the size and weight.
    Open car shipping is faster and moderately priced. Yet, it won’t protect your car from outside elements such as weather and debris.
  • Enclosed car shipping is when your vehicle is transported on a trailer with solid walls, ceiling, and floor. These types of trailers provide more protection to your car during the shipment process. An enclosed trailer can typically accommodate up to 2-9 cars.
    Enclosed car shipping is pricier and slower than open car shipments. Yet, it will provide extra security for your car and protection from outside weather and debris.
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What Our Customers Say

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We recently had our vehicle shipped from Arizona to Illinois and couldn't ask for a better experience! The driver, Valentin was awesome, and he did an excellent job. I would recommend PrimeWay Auto Carrier Inc to ANYONE! Excellent service!
Bridget F.
I would highly recommend Primeway to anyone in need of car transport services. The company provided excellent service, communication, and professionalism throughout the entire process. They made a potentially stressful situation completely hassle-free, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.
Devon M
Account Manager
On the day of pickup, the driver arrived on time and was professional and courteous. They took great care in loading my car onto the trailer, ensuring that it was secure and protected for the journey ahead.
Raya V.
Business Owner

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